Why Antiques?

When it comes to the aesthetic effect to a particular room, antiques have the ability to alter your home’s look and feel with the sense of elegance and permanence it brings!

Unlike modern furniture that emphasize on the simplicity of beauty, antique furniture will boost the flair of greatness, old-fashioned romance and tradition to your space; not to mention the long and rich history behind each piece.  This alone will bring special charm and nostalgic feeling that grows in your home for generations to come.

Antique artworks and furniture pieces are valued throughout the world because they exhibit an era that is now gone. Antiques can bring a lost generation or a period of history back to life once you have that beautiful furniture piece in place.

Let me ask you something honesty, can a simple end-table bring new life to an old room? Or can a new dresser enliven a bedroom with warmth and luxury? 

Here are two good reasons why you should consider buying antiques in general:

I.  Antiques have better quality and craftsmanship:

Since antiques were never mass-produced, the quality and craftsmanship of each piece is ensured.  Additionally, each piece has a unique personality because it was shaped and crafted by hand. Check the delicate details of antique pieces and you will find the epitome of sophistication and grace.    
Buying antiques can be an investment:

We all know that the value of antiques will mature over time. This is especially true when you are purchasing a real & authentic antique piece that has top quality & design.  Besides, you will never know when you might gain a small fortune when owning an antique piece!

Owning antique furniture in your room will provide the place with instant character, elegance, and historical ambience.  These special fixtures sometimes have simple yet beautiful details and designs which people will surely love.  If you are one of those people who have a passion for antiques and love to enhance the interior design of your house or room, then having different kinds of antique furniture in the right place will definitely do the job.  Just be careful and make sure you are truly purchasing “antique” pieces as there are replicated reproductions pieces out there.  In order to be sure to get an original “antique” piece, you should do some research and know where and whom you are buying from.

At Larza Gallery, we will help you understand what antiques are all about.  And for our client's peace of mind, we are always willing to issue a certification by an authentic French agency to ensure that you know the history and period of when your antique was made.

Apart from everything else, antiques are some of the priceless things that you can entrust to your offspring.  Antique furniture is just like jewelry, if you take good care of it, it can only appreciate over time.  Hence, antique furniture is something that can be taken as a family heirloom and be passed from one generation to another.

As a final point, please note that some antiques may not be of best conditions and require some repair.  One of the main reasons why you should buy from Larza Gallery is that we can repair, clean, and color/paint your furniture the way you like by a team of professionals.

Please browse our website for some samples of what we have available.  If you’re browsing from abroad, please sign-up and we will keep you updated!!