About Larza

Established in 1994, Larza has launched its gallery on July 22nd 2003.

Over two decades, Larza Gallery has been a synonym of Antique Mystique.  Larza is a mixture of formally classical and elegantly casual antiquities. Our antiques appeal to people from various cultures and lifestyles. Unlike contemporary reproductions, our pieces are authentic and display excellent craftsmanship.

 We deal directly with distinguished and eminent Syrian, European, Lebanese and Turkish sources to acquire our refined antiques. In Larza Gallery, we ship locally and internationally upon client’s request.

 As expert consultants, we help our clients create an atmosphere combining European flair and beauty.

 For more information, please browse through our website www.larza.art and discover our original masterpieces which will inspire your guests and create a spectacular environment for years to come.



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